Goldmann & Partners’ applies its scientific research to the entire construction/renovation housing process that you want to obtain with high biological quality characteristics. 

Goldmann & Partners offers its scientific verification activities both in direct design than in support of other professional designers:


Pattern Dynamics ® Interiors

Goldmann & Partners’ Pattern Dynamics® original protocol (see IRCAS Study Center) is the most advanced tool for verifying the ergonomic adequacy of space distribution. 

Ergonomics is the scientific discipline that studies the dimensional relationships between people and the space around them. 

In short, Pattern Dynamics® verifies, on the project, the spatial relationships among the various environments.

This way, optimisation opportunities can arise, and critical issues can be solved in the house/apartment planning.

All spaces are correctly used, and well perceived as comfortable by all occupants. 

It is a scientific design tool based on proven mathematical models that relate the three-dimensional relationships between the apartment/house existing space and the possible occupants’ behaviour.

These help to determine precisely the best design solution for each room sizing and distribution.


Best Performance Navigator ®

The design of a house with high biological quality characteristics must apply a precise control on all the chemical and physical contributions coming from the materials used for the realization/restructuring.

This approach reduces the presence of indoor pollutants and evaluates the overall balance of physical and psychological health of the proposed design solutions.

Goldmann & Partners has produced the scientific design support protocol Best Performance Navigator ®, a real guide for the designer, which displays and measures in real time the global presence of technical problems of the project.

It corrects and optimally balances each choice for the benefit of maximum well-being perceived by the end users.

The tool also allows precise control of the cost system, both in the construction/restructuring phase and in future maintenance costs, to make every element of the decision fully transparent.



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RESTRUCTURING PROJECT – Private apartment  – Milano


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