Goldmann & Partners operates in the field of sustainable architecture and bioarchitecture with a comprehensive design and project management activity.

The main goal is maximum economic and environmental re-evaluation of the existing and future real estate assets of its clients.

Goldmann & Partners provides all the services required to make sustainability-based decisions starting from preliminary feasibility studies (see RE Asset Value) and including the close monitoring of the whole implementation process. It is, in fact, a cross-disciplinary entity, designed to develop, organize, and monitor all the steps of the economic-financial project, as well as of the architectural and engineering one, from conception to final implementation.

The company boasts long-standing experience in refurbishing large residential, commercial, and management buildings according to eco-sustainability criteria, as well as in designing high-quality and low-cost buildings to be used for residential and social housing purposes.

One division of Goldmann & Partners is specifically dedicated to interior architecture and small-scale building interventions, designed and implemented according to bioarchitecture criteria, pursuing maximum energy efficiency and maximum economic value of the property.

Our main feature is responsible design, which means:

  • Focus on end users (private, public, or institutional clients)

  • High-quality building

  • Sustainable refurbishment of existing property (wherever possible)

  • A work team made up of professional figures with specific technological skills

  • Responsible and sustainable fees

  • Responsible, sustainable, and certified materials and suppliers

  • Focus on innovative technologies to optimize the performance of low-cost buildings

  • Low environmental impact

  • Energy certification


Design and implementation:

  • Project management

  • Design according to the LEED® protocol

  • Design according to the Klimahouse protocols

  • Green and garden architecture

  • Energy optimization

  • Preliminary projects

  • Final projects

  • Executive projects

  • Supervision of construction

  • Art direction

  • Testing

  • CENED+ certification

  • LEED certification

  • Klimahouse certification

Management and optimization of the economic behaviour of buildings

  • Building Automation

  • Energy Management