Goldmann & Partners operates in the field of sustainable architecture and bioarchitecture for social housing with a comprehensive preliminary planning and project management activity.

The primary goal is maximum economic and social valorization of the new social housing interventions, with special focus on pursuing very high quality of buildings and on maintaining their value in time.

Goldmann & Partners provides all the necessary services to make sustainability-based decisions starting from preliminary feasibility studies and through the close monitoring of the whole implementation and initial management process.

It is, in fact, a cross-disciplinary entity, designed to develop, organize, and monitor all the early steps of the activity and of the architectural and engineering process, from conception to final implementation, as well as all details for successful introduction of the new social housing interventions into the local, social, and management texture.

Our main feature is responsible design, which means:

  • Responsible, sustainable, and certified materials and suppliers

  • Responsible and sustainable fees

  • Focus on innovative technologies to optimize the performance of low-cost buildings

  • Low environmental impact

  • Energy certification

  • Management of sensitive social variables

  • Identification and offering of new opportunities for Social Housing construction

  •  Setting up and management of the team made up of Local administrators, Investors, Companies, Designers, and Operators

  • Analysis of environmental, territorial, urban, and urban mobility sustainability

  • Environmental and energy due diligence of the existing real estate assets

  • Sustainability value chain definition

  • Financial feasibility plans

  • Real estate and territorial business plans

  • Management of the design and implementation process