This is the sample project that Goldmann & Partners has developed to participate to the HOUSING CONTEST launched in 2011 by the Milan Municipality in cooperation with IN/ARCH, AssimpredilANCE, the Architects’ Association of the Milan Province, and Federlegno for the creation of a “Register of projects for high-performance and low-cost residential buildings.”

The following designers participated to project implementation, with Goldmann & Partners as the team leader alongside the companies Wolf Sistem srl e Vitali SpA,

Team Manager : arch. Isabella Goldmann
Architectural project: arch. Erminio Redaelli, arch. Manuela Sacchi, arch. Ettore Lariani, arch. Maria Claudia Civelli
Green project: arch. Marilena Baggio
Technical systems project: ing. Giancarlo Cerveglieri
Structural project: ing. Marco Clozza
Wooden structures project: ing. Simon Keller
Social Housing consulting: Sharing srl
Energy certification: ing. Paolo Vailati
LEED certification: ing. Serena Penasa
Computing and timeline: arch. Luigi Pellini 

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