The aim of Goldmann & Partners is to create value for its clients by promoting sustainability at all levels of corporate life, whether related to property, economics, finance, science, social, culture or institutional activities. The comprehensive range of services offered by Goldmann & Partners enables for all specific client needs to implement or consolidate their sustainability in the relevant field of operation.

This means:

  • optimising all processes maximising the economic benefit while maintaining a serious focus and respect for the environmental, energy and human resources involved;
  • optimising costs and benefits while respecting the environment and social rights, rationalising and optimising the available resources and planned investments;
  • offering optimal solutions adapted to every specific need of its clients to implement or consolidate the level of sustainability in their operations;
    • reducing resort to the use of fossil fuels and promoting the use of non-invasive renewable energy;
    • promoting energy saving through resort to construction/plant designs and more informed, updated and balanced real estate management;
  • carrying out research to remain up to date in real time on the best in the field of sustainability, energy optimisation and emerging technologies for the improvement in general efficiency nationally and internationally;
  • involving the best technical partners nationally and internationally in their work teams;
  • educating all levels of companies and society to promote more widespread knowledge on sustainability and its applications.

When properly implemented, sustainability always provides positive economic results – a prerequisite for its dissemination and consolidation. While sustainability has technical and social applications that can be implemented in the institutional, industrial, corporate, public or private sector, it particularly implies a profound cultural change of society, in which Goldmann & Partners takes part with a wide range of initiatives, also due to its Applied Sustainability Study Centre.


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