Sustainability, a very popular term today, is often confused with energy efficiency.

In actual fact, this cannot and must not be the main aim of the renovation of a building or production process but is one of the automatic consequences of a much more intelligent and structured systems approach which involves many other aspects of the building, often with much lighter operations. In all cases, the same energy efficiency benefits are obtained with much lower costs, accompanied by many other unexpected advantages for the well-being of people and a reduced environmental impact.

Goldmann & Partners has always examined the close relationship between the operations and their result through the work of its Applied Sustainability Study Centre, for the greatest optimisation of the results referring to each individual, specific case. GEEA®- Green Energy and Efficiency Audit® is the best known Goldmann & Partners procedure which analyses and resolves all the elements forming the sustainability report of a building or production process.

The division of sustainability into eight different, correlated variants to analyse and resolve with system solutions is specific to Goldmann & Partners and the GEEA®- Green Energy and Efficiency Audit®:

  • Area sustainability;
  • Social sustainability; 
  • Environmental sustainability;
  • Anthropic sustainability;
  • Technological sustainability;
  • Energy sustainability;
  • Management sustainability;
  • Economic sustainability.