25 May 2018     4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Fondazione Ferré, via Tortona 37


On the occasion of the sixth masterclass "Communicating sustainable fashion" of the "Out of fashion" course - a training course on the culture of conscious, ethical and innovative fashion  organized by Connecting Cultures, architect Clara Simonetti, associate of Goldmann & Partners, will give a lecture on the design of a sales space directly connected with the theme of communication of sustainable fashion through the retail.

The research carried out by IRCAS (International Research Center for Applied Sustainability) of Goldmann & Partners on how to design sales spaces that meet all the requirements traceable with experiential marketing, will illustrate the main characteristics of a sustainable retail, always based on messages that the architecture of an enclosed space transfers to the brain, which consequently produces perceived well-being signals  important for the conditioning of purchasing performance.