Goldmann & Partners offers comprehensive evaluations of real estate sustainability (Real Estate Asset Value).

The main goal is maximum economic and environmental upgrading of the existing and future real estate assets of its clients. G&P provides all the necessary services to implement sustainability in view of optimizing the economic value of assets based on the technical opportunities offered by the existing real estate assets.

Goldmann & Partners supports the client in decision-making, from preliminary feasibility studies to close monitoring of the whole implementation process.

It is, in fact, a cross-disciplinary entity, designed to develop, organize, and monitor all the steps of the economic-financial project, as well as of the architectural and engineering one, from conception to final implementation.

Preliminary consulting and identification of the most appropriate solutions:

  • Analysis of the existing property

  • Analysis of newly founded projects

  • Economic and environmental feasibility studies

  • Technical due diligence

  • Real Estate Sustainability Business Plan

  • Investment estimate

  • Economic-financial plan

  • Project financing

  • Tenders

  • Contract specifications

  • GEEA ® - Green Energy and Efficiency Audit ®