Goldmann & Partners operates in corporate real estate and strategic consultancy with a broad range of services for both new designs and analysis of ongoing projects and training aimed at implementing sustainability at all levels of a company’s structure and business. Its main aim is the optimisation of the processes which enable a company to improve its economic results through the implementation of virtuous management practices and so the use of its assets with respect to the environment and society. Goldmann & Partners also supports the sustainable optimisation processes of its clients making a range of follow-up services available aimed at effective definition of the sustainability image of the company in the relative reference markets.


Preliminary analysis of the sustainability of existing buildings or projects:

  • internal company check-up of actual and perceived sustainability;
  • analysis of environmental, local, urban, and urban mobility sustainability;
  • environmental and energy due diligence of real estate assets;
  • definition of the sustainability value chain

Strategic Feasibility Studies:

  • financial feasibility plans;
  • real estate and local business plans;
  • financial business plans;
  • project financing;
  • optimisation of asset sustainability (see RE Asset Value and Sustainable Building Engineering).

Double Check:

  • technical check on ongoing projects by third parties;
  • technical support alongside suppliers of products or services;
  • technical pairing for companies, professionals or private individuals in sustainability optimisation processes in the real estate field and/or production chain.

Operational stage:

  • sustainable Project Management;
  • sustainable Project Construction Management;
  • ethical codes;
  • sustainability reports;
  • sustainable invitations to tender;
  • construction, installation, environmental and anthropic guidelines.

Bespoke Smartworking:

  • analysis of the current distribution of work spaces;
  • definition of the correct sustainable distribution features of spaces for the specific company situation;
  • study and draft of the correct sustainable smartworking indices;
  • definition of the soft-landing policies to implement.

Training on sustainability (for companies and/or professionals):

  • economic-financial refresher courses;
  • cultural and organisational refresher courses;
  • technical-scientific refresher courses;
  • internal and external communication refresher courses.

The above courses are designed with a specific and diversified focus on top managers, middle managers, executive managers or technical operators in the company.
Green Legal Technical Support:

  • technical support in the definition of Green Lease contracts - new generation sustainable owner/tenant win-win contracts which refer to buildings with sustainability features.