The interview with Alessandro Cremona and Isabella Goldmann "Ethics and Responsibility for Real Estate" by Patrizio Valota, about the recent evolution of Goldmann&Partners in Benefit Company, was published in IlQi

In this way, G&P has become one of the first in Italy to launch the new model of a responsible and sustainable society in the real estate sector.

Attached is the article "Ethics and Responsibility for Real Estate" (Italian version). ETHICS AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR REAL ESTATE


GOLDMANN & PARTNERS was mentioned during the Fashion Week in Milan by Carlo Capasa, President of CNMI (Italian National Chamber of Fashion) about the "CNMI Principles for Retail Sustainability"

International Research Centre for Advanced Sustainability (IRCAS) of Goldmann & Partners, with the endorsement of the National Institute of Bio architecture and the patronage of the Textile and Health Association, has drawn up this fundamental document on sustainability applied to retail which offers indications on the choices and design methodologies of sales spaces that can provide the best bioclimatic qualities and architectural and selling performance


On Thursday, December 5, 2019, the workshop "Indoor pollution and wellness: living in healthy environments" was held at the headquarter of Il Quotidiano Immobiliare, in Milan.

Isabella Goldmann, architect and managing partner of Goldmann&Partners participated as a speaker in the first panel entitled "Healthy spaces".



Healthiness of spaces

Isabella Goldmann, Managing Partner Goldmann & Partners

Edoardo Paleari, Project Manager Design&Construction Area InvestRE SGR

Gianfranco Sassi, Key Account & Business Development Director Graniti Fiandre

Moderator: Marco Luraschi


New certification criteria

Maria Elena Gasperini, Manager Consultancy & Sustainability Jacobs / Board Member CD Chapter Lombardia GBC

Alessandro Roversi, Key Account Manager New Plants & Modernizations Schindler Italy

Mario Pinoli, CEO Greenwich

Moderator: Cristina Giua


Integrated Wellness: building and neighbourhood 

Roberto Martino, Contractors Manager Real Estate GEWISS

Massimiliano Fadin, Marketing Product Manager Decoral

Daniele Guglielmino, Senior Sustainability Specialist GET Consulting

Moderator: Marco Luraschi


Technology, innovation and sustainability

Riccardo Corazza, Alpac Group Sales Engineer

Antonello Magliozzi, Head of Design Arcadis Italia


Link to the video interview: 

Download the document here



GOLDMANN & PARTNERS cited in this extended interview with Alberto Contri, former President of Pubblicità Progresso. For many years we have been carrying on the alarm on climate change and indicating the solutions that each of us can apply in his daily life.



Goldmann & Partners, just one year after obtaining the @BCorporation certification, and for the second year in a row, gets the global #BestForTheWorld2019 award for Overall. The award confirms the company's verified positive impact on communities, the natural environment, and workers. The award recognizes the company's ability to create products and/or services that optimize the performance of its customers by helping to reduce the energy and environmental impact of their activities. 

The award for Environment recognizes the company's ability to create products and/or services that optimize the performance of its customers by helping to reduce the energy and environmental impact of their activities.

Goldmann & Partners has also been recognized in the Workers category, which rewards the quality of the company's relationships with its employees and collaborators, recognizing the company's proactive approach to its human resources.

We consider this award as an important recognition for the strong commitment we have always put into making this world the best possible.




Monday 3 June, at the headquarters of the A.P.P.C. located in Genoa, was held the conference organized by Aidia Genoa: "Projects for a sustainable future"


A group of experts took part, including Isabella Goldmann, architect, managing partner of Goldmann & Partners and director of IRCAS - Intl. Research centre for the applied sustainability with a lecture entitled: "Sustainable technologies in construction".


23 May 2019 - 16:00 - 18:00 - Via Curtatone 1 - Firenze (FI)

As part of the International Master's Degree in Fashion Retail Management held in Florence at the International Fashion Polytechnic (POLIMODA), architect Isabella Goldmann, managing partner of Goldmann&Partners, gave a lecture entitled: "How to apply the sustainability principles to the retail space" promoted by Out of Fashion.




25 May 2018     4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Fondazione Ferré, via Tortona 37


On the occasion of the sixth masterclass "Communicating sustainable fashion" of the "Out of fashion" course - a training course on the culture of conscious, ethical and innovative fashion  organized by Connecting Cultures, architect Clara Simonetti, associate of Goldmann & Partners, will give a lecture on the design of a sales space directly connected with the theme of communication of sustainable fashion through the retail.

The research carried out by IRCAS (International Research Center for Applied Sustainability) of Goldmann & Partners on how to design sales spaces that meet all the requirements traceable with experiential marketing, will illustrate the main characteristics of a sustainable retail, always based on messages that the architecture of an enclosed space transfers to the brain, which consequently produces perceived well-being signals  important for the conditioning of purchasing performance.



04 April 2019 - 08:45 - 13:30 - Innovation Campus Milan - via Lombardia 2/a - Peschiera Borromeo (MI)

On the occasion of the conference organized by Il Quotidiano Immobiliare on the topics relating to the first quarter of 2019 of the real estate investments report, Architect Isabella Goldmann, managing partner of Goldmann & Partners, will partecipate with a speech on the physical health produced or compromised by the buildings in which we live. The initial assumption is based on the concept that well-being is always linked to materials and compensation of this system. During her speech she will introduce the latest book, published by the Veronesi Foundation, "Indoor Pollution", the result of a joint research involving Fondazione Veronesi and G&P Research Center (IRCAS). The book studies the direct relationship between chronic and fatal diseases and insufficiently sustainable architecture




Presentation of the project_PALAZZO PITAGORA (Rome)_Star Michele (Torre sgr spa)


Presentation of the project_NUOVA SEDE FANUC ITALIA (Lainate, MI)_Berardi Carlo (Ediltecno Restauri)


Speech: "How much is a healthy property worth? How to measure real estate well-being".

- Goldmann Isabella (Goldmann & Partners)

- Miorin Thomas_Rebuild

- Davoglio Guido_Tekser

- Remotti Andrea_Kerakoll

- Sassi Gianfranco_Graniti Fiandre spa


Intervention: "Is the epic of the NPL over? Results obtained and comparison with the situation five years ago"

- Dondi dall'Orologio Luca_Nomisma spa

- Scopigli Stefano_Yard

- Mazzetta Giuseppe Gabriele_Npls Re_Solution

- Piantanida Laura_Reaas

- Zago Paolo_Hera Holding


Intervention: "Foreign investments in Italian real estate: market sentiment".

- Coticoni Stephen_BNP Paribas Real Estate Italy

- Marin Pierre_JLL spa

- Mazzanti Alessandro_Cbre Italy

- Sandberg Joachim_Cushman & Wakefield Italy

- Nicosia Roberto_Colliers International Italia spa

- Mazzi Massimo_Redilmat Italia srl


Intervention: "Foreign investments in Italian real estate: positive factors and risks that slow down".

- Puri Negri Carlo Alessandro_Aedes Siiq spa

- Caputi Massimo_Feidos spa

- Buaron Daniel_First Atlantic Re

- Albertini Claudio_Igd Siiq

- Serrini Riccardo_Prelios spa


Conversation with: Dal Pastro Alexei_Convivio

Isabella Goldmann, managing partner of Goldmann & Partners, participates in this conference organized by The Ruling Companies, with a speech "Sustainability reports and GRIs: how to produce objective data" about the importance of applied sustainability and circular economy.

Compared to only ten years ago, the commitment of companies in the environmental field has increased enormously and today nobody questions a decisive orientation for a truly sustainable economy, where the impact on the environment and the general and local ecosystem is minimized. The actions that are undertaken are part of a global strategy defined and promoted within supranational institutions and national policies. However, there is a fear that this will not be enough to counter the increasingly pronounced effects of global warming and climate change. Many scientists warn that environmental policies need to be strengthened because the effects of global pollution are leading the planet to a point of no return. On the other hand, not everyone is convinced that the situation is so serious and instead sends out reassuring signals. In Europe, for example, there is a tendency towards increasingly active policies, while the Trump Administration throws water on the fire, to the point that America has withdrawn from the Paris climate agreements. So what are we going to do? Which strategies and which actions can businesses, together with citizens, take if they have the greatest burden to bear? What is the urgency to be put into place? Which organization should adopt? These and other key issues will be addressed by key sustainability and environmental experts:

Luca Paolazzi, Independent Economist

Dario Scaffardi, Vice Chairman and General Manager, Saras 

Isabella Goldmann, Chief Executive Officer, Goldmann & Partners 

Giancarlo Morandi, Chairman, Cobat


10 April 2018 _ 3:00-7:00 pm - Hotel Four Season, Via del Gesù 6/8, Milan



organised by GBCI Europe and Macro Design Studio


Date and time: wednesday 4 July 2018 - 14:00 - 18:00 CEST

Location: Goldmann & Partners - Piazza Arnoldo Mondadori, 3 - 20122 Milano


LEED Alternative Compliance Paths (ACPs) increase the applicability of LEED for projects around the world by providing additional pathways to demonstrate compliance with LEED credits. To understand how USGBC is addressing these dynamic market requirements, please join this workshop focused on the recently released ACPs (April 2018), as well as future system developments. This event is organized by GBCI Europe and Macro Design Studio with event partner GBC Italia, will feature Ingemar Hunold, the ACP research-lead from EnviroSustain GmbH, with contribution from UL's Elena Veneziani on material databases as a source for credible sustainable product information.

The workshop will be held in English and Italian without translation.



13:30 Registration

14:00 Intro GBC Italia - Giuliano dall'O and Alessandro Lodigiani

14:20 Location & Transportation - LT Credits

          Material & Resources - MR Credits

15:20 Material Databases featuring UL's SPOT - Elena Veneziani

15:50 Networking Coffee Break

16:20 Energy & Atmosphere - EA Prerequisite and Credit

          Indoor Environmental Quality - EQ Prerequisite (including clarification for Natural Ventilation requirements)

17:30 Debate on the application and future development of ACPs moderated by Andrea Fornasiero

18:00 End








On November 29th, 2017 the presentation of the book "Fashion Change", edited and published by Connecting Cultures, was held at the Fondazione Gianfranco Ferré in Milano. The book collects the reflections of the community of entrepreneurs, scholars, technicians, intellectuals and fashion designers formed around the Out of Fashion project.

Isabella Goldmann, Managing Partner and Director of Goldmann & Partners Center for Applied Sustainability Studies, has contributed to the realization of this book. She also participates as a teacher in the Out of Fashion training course, designed by Connecting Cultures in the field of sustainable, ethical and conscious fashion, outlining the scientific aspects of retail architecture that contribute to making it a place where to communicate the fashion product in the most correct way and where to establish a proper relationship with the consumer.