Isabella Goldmann, managing partner of Goldmann & Partners, participates in this conference organized by The Ruling Companies, with a speech "Sustainability reports and GRIs: how to produce objective data" about the importance of applied sustainability and circular economy.

Compared to only ten years ago, the commitment of companies in the environmental field has increased enormously and today nobody questions a decisive orientation for a truly sustainable economy, where the impact on the environment and the general and local ecosystem is minimized. The actions that are undertaken are part of a global strategy defined and promoted within supranational institutions and national policies. However, there is a fear that this will not be enough to counter the increasingly pronounced effects of global warming and climate change. Many scientists warn that environmental policies need to be strengthened because the effects of global pollution are leading the planet to a point of no return. On the other hand, not everyone is convinced that the situation is so serious and instead sends out reassuring signals. In Europe, for example, there is a tendency towards increasingly active policies, while the Trump Administration throws water on the fire, to the point that America has withdrawn from the Paris climate agreements. So what are we going to do? Which strategies and which actions can businesses, together with citizens, take if they have the greatest burden to bear? What is the urgency to be put into place? Which organization should adopt? These and other key issues will be addressed by key sustainability and environmental experts:

Luca Paolazzi, Independent Economist

Dario Scaffardi, Vice Chairman and General Manager, Saras 

Isabella Goldmann, Chief Executive Officer, Goldmann & Partners 

Giancarlo Morandi, Chairman, Cobat


10 April 2018 _ 3:00-7:00 pm - Hotel Four Season, Via del Gesù 6/8, Milan