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Have you ever wondered what the life of a queen is like? What is it like to walk between the wings of a palace and where you can sip afternoon tea?

Home Advisor, in collaboration with architect Jelena Popovic, tried to answer these questions thanks to an elaborate work of digital graphic reworking of one of the most famous royal palaces in the world, Buckingham Palace. This company has collected many existing images and plans and has carried out fundamental historiographical research to reconstruct the rooms of the palace. This material was subsequently reworked by architect Popovic with the creation of a series of drawings and illustrations of the palace. The building has 775 rooms and 5 floors in height, and therefore, given its large size, it has been divided into three sections: the Central Block, the Queen's Apartments and the East Front.

This project was born, driven by the halo of curiosity and mystery that surrounds this palace due to the high secrecy that characterizes it. Although it has been the official London residence of the sovereigns of the United Kingdom since 1837, few rooms have been opened to the public in all these years.

Built-in 1703, Buckingham Palace can be visited by the public thanks to guided tours both virtually and in-person but what visitors can see during the visit is nothing compared to the majesty and complexity of the entire palace. The researchers have calculated the presence of 19 representative rooms, 52 main rooms, 92 offices, 188 service staff rooms and 78 bathrooms. In addition, there is a cinema, a swimming pool, a jewellery workshop, a medical clinic and a post office.

We then begin to explore the building starting from the Central Block characterized by a wide staircase of honour adorned by a long red carpet and walls on which there are many family portraits. Going upstairs we find the Green Drawing Room, the room where the Queen usually meets the Prime Minister and the Music Room which has hosted several royal baptisms including that of Prince William, the future King of England.

central block 


The Queen's Apartments, the second section of this analysis, represent the most private and unreachable area of the palace. According to Home Advisor's research, there are only six rooms that the Queen is used to frequent daily together with her dearest people and her staff.   

queens apartments


The third section studied by the research group is the East Front. Also known as the "public face" of Buckingham Palace is the facade of the palace which contains the famous balcony from which the royal family overlooks and greets the crowd on essential occasions. In this wing of the palace renovation work began earlier this year to a value of around £369 million. On the time of this event, the royal family decided to share the start of work inside the Yellow Drawing Room, in an Instagram post, in an attempt to involve the English people more and more.

east front


The Recency Room is the room where numerous Christmas photographs of the royal family have been set.

the regency room the location of the queens christmas broadcast


Known as the most important room in the palace, in room 1844 the Queen often met many important guests such as former President Obama.

the 1844 room AKA the most important room in the palace


The White Drawing Room, on the other hand, is a more intimate environment as it is mainly used as a meeting place for members of the royal family.

white drawing room


The State dining room is one of the most recognizable rooms of the palace thanks to its sumptuousness and long wooden table. In this room took place the wedding reception of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

state dining room



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